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Nimbus Garden Inc. is a techno art & code house focused on radical mobile software and revolutionary interface design.

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Our mantra at Nimbus Garden is "grow great games."  We hope you enjoy them!

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We will begin with a few novel ideas for games, and hope you will enjoy our first entry, Sprouts 1.0, for the iPhone. Nimbus Garden attempts to bring a unique focus to traditional videogame play: meditative and colorful, with a delightful soundtrack, Sprouts is as much a moving sculptural work of interactive art as it is a game. Expect Sprouts to evolve rapidly, as we aggregate the underlying technologies.  Sprouts 2 is shaping up to be truly extraordinary, and our next interactive title nothing less than ground-breaking! We appreciate your support!


The Nimbus Garden, a software company, is located in Michigan's beautiful Keweenaw Peninsula. We are accepting applications for several more exceptional software engineers to be a part of this intellectual community surrounding Michigan Technological University. Contact us if you are a graphical maestro who can code, or if you are simply exceptionally good at what you do. As we are still a small, Nimble Garden, we're looking to hire a [demoscene] style coder and graphic artist who can accomplish "Anything-Under-the-Sun," as that's how we like to accomplish things! We are also actively establishing forward-thinking venture capital relationships, with which we hope to grow the technology industry in the verdant and intellectually ripe U.P (for real, it's like Ireland!).


We develop, and we operate on cross-platform technologies with an emphasis on user-centered solutions and next-generation networking foundations. Regardless of your preferred workstation environment. Contact us soon to participate in the cloud computing trajectory that can take your organization to new levels of ease with the information and systems you rely on.


Investors! This trajectory applies to you as well, and we are extremely appreciative of your support at this exciting early stage. The Nimbus Software effort will contribute to an economic renaissance for the Keweenaw area, a place of stunning natural beauty, but experiencing significant depression since the end of the copper mining era a half-century ago. You are helping us help the community's revival, and can be assured that this quaint region will be significantly more environmentally conscious during its second industrial revolution... the Solar-powered Software Industry of this new century! Please contact investor relations for information regarding these opportunities.


The exciting thing about this industry is: The latest cloud software infrastructure possibilities are astoundingly powerful, especially if applied with skill and an intimate sense of the unique problem at hand. Software is getting better all the time, every second of the day. If that is not the experience you are having with your current operations, please contact us. Computers help, they really do.  We make sure of it!



The Nimbus Garden Team